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Collaborate with Aurora!

Let's start a collaboration!

Need a speaker or presenter for your event?

A beautiful, moving ritual for your festival?

Ministerial development for clergy?

Diversity training for teachers, parents, police or other service industries? 


Speaking & Diversity Training

Seeking a speaker for your organization? Looking for a New-Age perspective that is accessible to a main-stream audience?  


Competent, professional and accessible. Speaking engagements are designed to fit your group/organization's needs. 


Topics may include:


  • Advocating for Pagan Kids in Public Schools

  • Religious Diversity

  • Addressing the Needs of Pagans in the Workplace

  • Religion or Red Flag? Determining the difference between spiritual practice and abuse. 


Rituals  & Fire

Workshops are custom-designed for your group or event's needs. Workshop topics include:

Rituals are custom-designed to meet your group or event's needs. All rituals are designed to be interactive, personal and deeply moving as well as non-denominational, cross-cultural and multi-modal. 

  • Pagan Parenting

  • Spiritual Practice for Famiies 

  • Advocating for Pagan Kids in Public Schools

  • Art as Spiritual Practice

  • Pagan Leadership

  • Safe & Sacred--Leading a Public Ritual

  • Pratical Magick--Crafting a Personal Practice

  • Intuitive Tarot-Reading, Leading & Ethics

  • Time Travel: Astral Projection to Heal Past Wounds

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