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How to end a war with YOURSELF

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I was just on one of the Facebook groups I belong to and somebody posted an incredibly vulnerable and heart-felt does one end a war with oneself? How many times have we been a battle with our own selves? How many wars are we fighting all over our physical and psychic bodies? Here is the advice I gave to the querent. Let's begin by calling a spade a spade-if your internal conflict is a war, end it like a war. 1-Allies Assemble a team of allies who believe in your cause (being your happiest, healthiest self). These may be friends, family, mental-health practitioners, etc. Share your battles with them. 2-Armistice Pick a day and declare the war over. Announce it publicly. The trick with an armistice is that both sides must agree to it. This means that the part of you who gains energy from this fight must be willing to put a stop to it as well. 3-Treaty Grab a journal and write down exactly the terms of how you and your shadow-self are going to live in peace together. What new behaviors will you engage in? What will you not do anymore? What does your shadow-self agree to? 4-Reparations Make amends. First to any "civilian" in your blast zone--anybody who may have been hurt in your war with yourself. Apologize in person or psychically/energetically. Find ways to be kind to others who exhibit the same behaviors you dislike in yourself--when you find their humanity, you can find your own. Be kind to yourself. 5-Time Wars leave a legacy. It will take time to heal. Brightest blessings on your journey.

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