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Quarter Calls for Troubled Times

American flag spelling Faith.

Friends, I offer these Quarter Calls for these troubled times.

Brightest blessings,



We turn to the East,

and in so doing,

we turn to Knowledge.

We turn to logic, reason and truth.

When lies are levied to spread the poison of hate,

Let us seek to affirm the incontrovertible,

And provide just evidence

that we are indeed ALL created equal.

Give us the strength to claim and exercise our free speech

And join in one voice,

With each breath, let us speak the words of justice

Till the air rings with the sound of our freedom.


We turn to the South,

And in so doing,

We turn to Passion.

We turn to persistence, strength, and tenacity.

When those in power mean to oppress,

Let us rise up like a flame to the heavens,

And rekindle within each other,

The spark of resilience.

So that light does not wane against the darkness.

Give us the stamina to claim and exercise our freedom to assemble,

And join in community,

Ignite in us the spark of resistance,

Till the hearthfire of each home radiates with the warmth of security.


We turn to the West,

And in so doing,

We turn to Intuition.

We turn to insight, receptivity and vision.

When experience feels wrong in the depths of our being,

Let us trust our instincts

As we honor and validate the

authentic testimony of those who are closer to harm.

Deepen our empathy and develop our perception.

Give us the depth to claim and exercise our freedom of conscience,

And hold space for each other’s sorrow,

Till our tears give way to a river of hope

And our compassion becomes a shield against fear.


We turn to the North,

And in so doing,

We turn to Solidarity.

We turn to resolve, courage and purpose.

When our homeland quakes in division,

Let us stay rooted in conviction,

and restore our faith in humanity.

So that we may work for ALL who call this land home.

Grant us the purpose to claim and exercise our right to liberty,

Till the Earth trembles with the strength of our marches,

As we work shoulder to shoulder to make love

once more

the bedrock upon which our nation is built.


We turn to the Center,

And in so doing,

We turn to the Divine,

We turn with open arms to our Goddess and God.

As we join in prayer with all peaceful people

who know their gods by other names.

Protect us through these troubled times,

and shield our efforts, great and small,

to care for ourselves, our families,

our communities and our world.

Instill in each of us the sacred calling to claim and exercise

our power to change the world.

Till the divine within each of us,

shines through our service to one another,

And becomes an eternal beacon for freedom,

Rippling out across the generations.

Amen and Blessed Be.

**Note: It is common practice to "release/bid farewell" to the quarters at the end of ritual. As these calls are intended to invoke blessings for sustained purpose and work, a counter-call is intentionally not provided.

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